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Author Topic: Seriously!!! MRI Report in English, PLEASE  (Read 1178 times)

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Seriously!!! MRI Report in English, PLEASE
« on: April 22, 2010, 02:08:24 AM »
History in short form:
2/2009:  Soccer injury:  Rupture ACL, Torn Lateral Meniscus
3/2009:  Surgery, ACL hamstring graft, lateral meniscus repair
3/2009 - 12/2009:  Rehab, Rehab, Rehab, Continued swelling issues
12/24/2009:  Release to play (swelling was thought to be because of slight quad atrophy, and would get better with strenth)
Swelling continued to get worse, scheduled arthroscopy
2/2010: Arthroscopy performed:  Results:  Hard cartilage damage, cartilage fragments debrided, smoothed cartilage as well, whatever it is they do in that situation.
Swelling continued unabated.
3/25/2010:  Drained knee, blood tinged fluid removed.  Doc is concerned about possible meniscus tear again.  Ordered MRI
4/13/2010:  MRI performed

I have attached the report.  I am especially interested it the sections that read:  ""subchondral marrow edema", "this is high grade chondral fissuring" and, "focal intermediate grade chondral loss"

If someone would be so kind and please explain this to me in English, I would be very appreciative.  Dr's appt is May 5, and he will explain it then, but I want to know sooner than that.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Seriously!!! MRI Report in English, PLEASE
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2010, 10:24:47 PM »
Hi and welcome

I think the MRI is basically saying that you've got some cartilage damage and it is quite significant/deep. High grade usually means it is grade3/4 and either down to the bone or reaching that way, intermediate is usually Grade 2/3 where it is blistering and breaking away.  It sounds like the scope in Feb this year attempted to smooth it and relieve the symptoms but you still have swelling. Where is the damage located, does it say or do you know? Is it lateral femur or tibia to go with the lateral meniscus damage? The marrow edema means that behind the cartilage damage there is swelling/fluid - thats usual if the damage is deep and the knee is in a state of crisis at the moment.

You need to speak with your doc about what he now suggests. You've kind of had the initial scope to approach the damage in a relatively conservative way (debriding etc). There are various options available to help repair the cartilage if thats the route the doc feels is appropriate. Clearly you've had ACLr too and he'll need to comment on that and how that might be impacting on the symptoms. Do you have pain with specific actions? ROM restrictions? Noises that weren't there before?

I guess you could do worse than read through some of the options available for cartilage repair prior to your appointment if that is the problem - microfracture, OATS, ACI, chondroplasty etc. Not saying that is the problem but being prepared is always wise!

good luck

Lottie  :)
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