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Author Topic: TTTP 6 weeks ago today  (Read 930 times)

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TTTP 6 weeks ago today
« on: April 13, 2010, 02:29:00 AM »
Hi I had Bilateral (yes bilateral crazy I no) TTTP 6 weeks ago today.  Just wondering lots of stuff but mainly recovery time, what exercises are best and whether/when to get pins removed.

Im walking like Frankenstein at the moment and am taking paracetamol and anti inflammatory's 3 times a day but I cant cut down or I cant walk very far at all.  When do things start looking up Im getting a little frustrated.


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Re: TTTP 6 weeks ago today
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2010, 12:08:01 AM »
Wow...bilateral.  You are brave or crazy.  LOL  Recovery time varies.  A lot depends on the rehab protocol your OS and PT use.  It can also depend on how long it takes you to get back your range of motion (ROM) and when you can get your quads to kick in and get stronger.  If you come on over to the Patello-femoral board, you will find a lot of people who have had TTT procedures and you can see what their rehab times were like.  Personally, I had more than just a TTT and I had arthrofibrosis complications as well, but you can see what my time frame was down in my signature line.  I think that most of us would agree that even though you get back function and ROM and are released from PT, you still don't feel like you're past it until 6 months-1 year later.  As for the pins, some keep them in and some really want them out.  You just have to be sure the bone is healed first and see what your OS's preference is.  Some will do it at 3-4 months and others wait for 6 months or longer.

Come on over to the Patello-femoral area and tell us how you're doing.  How is your ROM?  How is PT going?

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