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Author Topic: who are the best doctors for TKR?  (Read 890 times)

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who are the best doctors for TKR?
« on: April 08, 2010, 11:40:12 PM »
I have had bad luck with a doctor in kerlan job who did an orthorscopic surgery and posterio capsule release surgery. The first surgery didnt do a think and the second was unnecessary and did nothing to help me (other than the wonderful pain of the surgery recovery and using up most of my sick days!)

I went to the second dr who confirmed that I didnt need the second surgery but at this time I will need a TKR surgery. He was all ready to schedule it but I felt he was in too much of a hurry and did not explain much. I was given a dumbed down handout on the TKR which kinda insulted my intelligence. When I got home I did some research and come to discover: 1) there are different surgical techniques in putting in a TKR and the minimally invasive doesn't cut the quadriceps and that there are several kinds of prosthesis with pros and cons for each one to consider.

That said I don't know who to go to given my bad experiences so far. So I rather go to a doc where people have good success rate and is willing to be honest about what the surgery entails and so on. I live in the Los Angeles area.

any help is appreciated!