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Author Topic: another dang focal cartilage defect MFC  (Read 598 times)

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another dang focal cartilage defect MFC
« on: April 04, 2010, 02:43:02 PM »
Hey yall man im bout to cry its me Michele I had the FCD of the MFC in june had a uni and its great!!  While taking my dogie outback in november i feel into a hole and rolled o the ground crying for a whilewith the OTHER knee, turns out I have a 1.5 x 1.5 focal cartilage defect weight bearing area of the left knee along with a smaller 3mm x 6mm focal cartilage defect medical aspect of the trochlea.   Freakin great just great I started  a new job in October and I just dont c asking to b out for surgery, Im eating bout 4 pain killers a day, idk what to do, he (OS) says ASI or this sux......any suggestions guys.....I really need some help the pain is getting worse day by day......
Right Knee:  1983 meniscal tear scope debridment &lateral release. 1991, 1997, 2001
2003 scope meniscal tears. 
8-08 MFX MFC lesion FAILED.
 4-09 Went in for OATS-not a canidate.
 6-09 Uni Right MFC.