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Author Topic: ACL recon and Meniscectomy 9 mths ago. Jarred knee on return to football. Help!  (Read 1277 times)

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My left quad isn't back to full size yet, which perhaps may be the root cause of this, and i've had grumbling knee pains since my 3 surgeries (as all ACL sufferers will have experienced i'm sure). Last night I played 5-a-side football again competitively (initial injury was through rugby) and somehow jarred my knee. It didn't twist, my ACL is fine, the pain started in my patella but was not severe, a mild jarring sensation. I stopped playing instantly but still had decent range of movement. I experienced patella 'clicking' when i jogged on the spot to test it.

Overnight, the pain has radiated to around the fat pad, the lateral meniscus and around behind the knee. Swelling is not major, but movement is more restricted and painful.

Can anyone offer any diagnosis? So far i'm thinking it could be related to scar tissue. My graft was from the hamstring so i'm slightly concerned by the initial patella pain. Also, the way the pain has radiated to all those familiar areas (meniscus, back of knee, fat pad) is worrying.

I was close to full sprinting speed and comfortable stepping off my bad leg before the incident last night. But I confess I was very nervous about hanging the leg out in tackles or kicking a ball. An underlying concern is that my entire leg is not properly 'aligned' and has not been since surgery. Is this even possible?

A similar thing happened when I was 5 months out of surgery and playing touch rugby on uneven ground - clearly it was too soon and I hit the physio again to build strength. I thought I was there, but this has knocked the wind out of my sails. I'm pretty gutted. Do these symptoms sound familiar to any ACL/meniscus sufferers?