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Author Topic: something "rolling over the knee cap" sensation - very painful  (Read 3343 times)

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Hello, I'm new so hoping I'm posting correctly.

I had a skiing accident about 20 years ago. Standing still on an icy patch. My left leg started to slip so I let go, to fall. As I fell, my leg went out and torqued (from what I'm told) I heard clicking sounds all the way down.

Short story - tore the meniscus and one of the major ligaments, MCL or LCL, sorry, can't remember. Had arthroscopic and was told to consider reconstruction down the line if I wanted to do athletic ventures. I was told I would always have a limp. I worked hard to not have that and was fine until about 8 years ago. Moved to London and I blame it on the cold and my inactivity, but the knee gets stiff and painful. I am, quite overweight, so blame that as well. I've joined bootcamp and my gym, and go walking outside.

However, something that holds me back is a horrible pain event. I'm always relatively stiff and sore, but I can deal with that. I find that if I have to stand for more than 10 or 15 minutes, I am in excruciating pain and stiffness and if I sit too long, when I get up I'm stiff and a bit unstable. I tease that "I have to wait until the WD40 gets down there"

But, that's tolerable, and I think will get better with more exercise and weight loss. The real problem, is when I'm walking, especially if I up the speed (I never jog or run). Out of the blue, on the outside of the knee cap of the injured leg, it feels as though, "things" roll over the knee, and it is beyond description, painful and you know, whatever they are, they have to "roll" back the other way. Once the initial pain hits, the knee feels filled with heat, like a hot oil spreading

does this make any sense? It really scares me every time I start to exercise or just walk somewhere. I never know when it's going to happen and it can just cripple you (and I have a rather high pain threshold)

I know it's crucial for me to lighten the weight bearing load, but it's hard when this pain threatens

thank you