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Author Topic: LCL Injury as a direct result of Lateral Release (LR)  (Read 882 times)

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LCL Injury as a direct result of Lateral Release (LR)
« on: March 28, 2010, 05:56:27 PM »
Hi all

Before I get to the point am placing this thread in the general because I could post this thread in either the muscle section or the patella its a bit of both.

Basically I am just curious if anyone who has had a Lateral Release has had an LCL Injury as a direct result of the LR surgery?  My physio has dignose me with a LCL Injury, I dont think they can grade it yet due to me having the LR so, the grading could be wrong as I could have swelling on the back of my knee due to the LCL injury or the LR....ect.  With regards to ithe test tehy do to determind what grade the LCL Injury is they cannot do due to my surgery...

I have all the signs and sympotms of having an LCL Injury but this also could be the LR surgery...

I was asked by my friend today how can I have the LCL Injury if I had the LR, and I dont know the answer to that question...She was shocked that I have this injury (my friend works as a nurse) as a result of the LR...she said because the surgeon wouldnt have touched my LCL...but I had terrible bruising from the top of my leg to half way down my calf...

I think she was more shocked as my scars are no where near the LCL and she has never heard that this type of surgery can cause this....she has been a nurse for over 30 years but now works in a nuring home...

My questions are:

Has anyone had a LCL injury as a direct result of the LR?

Can anyone think of any reason to why my LCL is injured?

She has just got my mind going, she said a few about my other probs with this knee but she is stuck on why my LCL is injured..

Can anyone help?

Many thanks

2009 Physio
30/10/2009 OS appointment confirmed patella tilt, very hypermobile, and a rare bone deformity called hypoplastic medial femoral condyle.
10/03/2010 LR preformed and chondromalacia grade 1 spotted