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Author Topic: Re: Please give some advice  (Read 976 times)

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Re: Please give some advice
« on: September 26, 2003, 11:49:58 AM »
Hi Sean
Welcome to the board.
You've certinly been through the mill with your knee, how old are you now?.

Knee are a right old pain in th backside, it always seems to be that you get one thing out of the way then something else comes along. It may be in your case that your knee was particularly vunerable after your first surgery and that it was one of those knees, like mine, that don't take much to hurt or injure them.

Your physio and surgeon should be able to give you advice on preventing this injury reoccurring or offer some advice regarding the types of sports you cannot do, it just may be worth giving the sports a miss in the short term til you knee is stronger, don't stop exercise altogether though as you need to keep your quads in good function.

As for the surgeries predisposing you to arthritis, if every study that comes on the internet is to be believed then we should all have some degree of arthritic changes in the knee, it may be in your case that you might get arthritis at a later date, on the other hand you might be a person who doesn't get any arthritic changes at all, I had had 3 surgeries on my knees by the time I was 16, I'm now 21 and yes I have got arthritic changes but I don't put this down to the surgery, it's in my genes unfortunately, but it's well managed and doesn't cause me an undue amount of pain.

Speak to your PT and OS and see what you can do to help the knee in order to return to the sports you want to do.

Best of Luck