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Author Topic: Another knee-surgery botched victim. Now a patellectomy? Anyone?  (Read 830 times)

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New here.
I had a TKR 5/09. It failed. Infection in hospital, but was discharged! Ended up back in the ER after being discharged. It was also very unstable. Because that OS would NOT address the pain issues no matter what I said or how much I cried, I dumped him after a few months. After going to many docs (including Cleveland Clinic) for a 2nd opinion, I chose a very compassionate OS- takes time to listen to his patients and explain things in detail. Had my revision 11 months after the TKR 4/10. During the surgery, my new OS took out the patella button, shaved the patella down very thin. After 4 wks. it maltracked causing extreme pain, grinding and crunching with extension, bending, getting up from sitting, etc.  Thought it was scar tissue at first, but after extensive PT, treatments, tests more opinions, at 9 months out, he decided it needed to be bone-grafted 1/11 because it was too thin. (Umm ... so he screwed up, right? It looked like a wafer.) The bone graft was from a cadaver, but my body did not reject it. But ... again, I had same issues, as well as overall pain, and after more PT and several opinions again, it was decided he would go in and clean it out with scope 2/12, hoping it was actually scar tissue this time) Of course, it did not help at all. Now the patella is too thick, sitting deep against component and extending way over to left (subluxed to the OTHER side now!) One edge looks and feels like it is ready to break through my skin. Next, I had two "2nd" opinions. They were both very brief in their exam, didn't seem to listen to me. (I am so distrusting of doctors.) Neither doc mentioned it probably not working. They couldn't guarantee the pain would be gone, (not surprising), but they did not mention anything about the fact that with my patella having a bone graft it could fail (break, etc.) They were nonchalant. My OS said he only knows of one case study where a patient had a button put in after a bone graft, but he did not know how the patient is doing. He wanted me to give a little more time (UMMM ... it's already been about a year and a half since the bone graft and 4 months since the scope! Ok so he said try a pain doc. Did that. Had multiple rounds of nerve block injections. 1st one helped for about a week, 2nd round lasted about a month, and this last one has not done a thing. Plus they are very expensive! So I just went back to my OS this past Thurs. He said we are at the last resort. A patellectomy.  :-[  I have not read one good thing about a patellectomy.
Any thoughts?!
(Geez, hope I have my story straight. Like a lot of us, I went through a lot of crap, but don't WANT to remember it!Trying to be as brief as possible, but also give as much info that may help someone with a suggestion, comment, ANSWER  ??? that may help!)