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Author Topic: Second surgery less than 2 weeks away  (Read 951 times)

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Second surgery less than 2 weeks away
« on: March 06, 2010, 06:05:51 AM »
Hey yall, I知 less than two weeks away from my second major knee surgery. I値l copy and paste some from a previous post for a little background info:

My knee dislocations started when I was ten, I will be 20 this year and still have had no relief. I have bilateral dislocations so both of my knees will dislocate. It runs in my family- we all have bad knees- my mom and all of her brothers had it, along with my brother and I, although mine is much worse than I have seen in any of them. My left knee is much worse than my right, so far I've had about 45 dislocations in my right knee and over 100 in my left. Most of the time I'm not even doing anything strenuous when they dislocate, mostly walking or casually running although I used to be a big long distance runner. If I had a dislocation one day, I had to be extremely careful for the next few days with how I walked because once they dislocated once, they were more likely to dislocate. Sometimes I would have up to 3-4 dislocations in one day. I had my first surgery May 2009 when I was 18 because my doctors wanted to wait as long as possible to do surgery. I had a lateral release and a medial plication done on my left knee. It turns out that surgery didn't work to fix the problem so I will be having another surgery on the 16th of this month which will hopefully be my last.

For this next surgery, I知 not sure what it is called, but my OS will be taking one of my hamstring tendons then drilling a hole in my patella and in the medial side of my knee. He will then anchor the tendon in each of the holes. Then he will advance my VMO muscle over to where the tendon runs from my patella to the side of my knee so there is basically a big line of muscle and tendon to hopefully keep my knee from dislocating again.

I have a few main questions/concerns about this surgery. First of all, have any of you had this surgery before or one similar? If you have, can you give me a little glimpse of what it was like, especially post surgery. How soon after surgery did you feel well enough to at least get out of the house, etc.? One of my biggest worries is a combination of things: I am a college freshman far away from home, I知 originally from Iowa but am going to school in Mississippi. My parents are coming down the week of the surgery, but they can稚 stay any longer than 5 days because of work. My surgery will be during my spring break so that will minimize the amount of class I will be missing, but I知 wondering if I値l feel good enough to make it to class that next Monday (the 22nd) when classes resume (my surgery is on Tuesday the 16th), or if I値l still feel completely out of it and won稚 want to get out of bed? I would be really nice to miss the least amount of class possible with getting close to the end of the semester. All my professors have been notified of what is going on and seem very willing to work with me, so that takes a little bit of the stress off.

If any of you have any experience with this, or just any suggestions or encouragements to keep me sane while having surgery and trying to keep up with everything, it would be greatly appreciated!!

2000: first dislocation, age 10
May 2009: left knee lateral release and medial plication
March 16th 2010: upcoming surgery

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Re: Second surgery less than 2 weeks away
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2011, 06:58:11 PM »

i was wondering if you could tell me how your second surgery went?

my history is very similar to yours and i am due to have my second surgery in a few weeks!

i am very anxious about this surgery as it took a long time for me to recover from the lateral release and medial plication (this was mainly due to poor physiotherapy post op).


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Re: Second surgery less than 2 weeks away
« Reply #2 on: April 06, 2011, 05:36:48 AM »
I had a similar surgery 4 weeks ago today. I can tell you it is not an easy one.  My husband stayed home with me for 2 weeks after as just getting around was very painful. I was in an immobilizer for 2 weeks and now in a locked post op breg brace. So, still not easy but pain is very manageable. I think a full 2 to 3 weeks of rest is what you can expect. I got out of the house on about day 8 but could only tolerate about a 20 min drive before my leg needed to go back up again. I wish you the best of luck!  Just remember to stay on top of meds and lots of ice and youll be ok!  Oh also I was WBAT from day one but still on one crutch.