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Author Topic: Help - Meniscus Tear Removal two weeks ago - Pain worse now than before  (Read 628 times)

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Hi All,
I had surgery two weeks ago to remove a tear in my medial meniscus (~30% removed).  The rest of the knee apparently looked fine at the time of surgery. 

The first few days I felt ok, though there was lots of swelling.  I began doing some range of motion exercises to help straighten and bend the knee, though I couldn't get much range on the bending until the swelling finally went down at about day 7.   I'm now working with a PT and when he gently bends the knee I can get around 110 degrees.

My concern is that  I've had pain in my medial knee area ever since the anesthesia wore off, ranging from mild to very painful. I can walk about 5-10 mins at a time and then the medial side of my knee is so painful I can't continue.  I've also been woken up a few times at night with extreme pain in that part of my knee if I leave it in one position too long.  This is much worse pain than I had before with the tear.   The information I received from my doctor and from others I know at the gym who've had this surgery is that recovery should be very quick. 

Have others had this difficult and painful a recovery from this surgery?  I'm wondering whether my meniscus may have torn some more or bones might be rubbing together now that part of the meniscus was removed?  The surgeon's assistant said on the one week follow up that the knee looked and moved fine after the procedure and that they did do a "chrondoplasty" to just smooth out the area while they were in there.  Not sure if that might be what I am feeling ..

Any ideas or tips are greatly appreciated by this first time knee surgery newbie! 

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