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Author Topic: Update from Teamo  (Read 920 times)

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Update from Teamo
« on: September 25, 2003, 06:08:34 AM »
Today was my appointment with Dr. Galloway at the Cincinnati Sportsmedicine Research and Education Foundation in Cincinnati, Ohio.   The Dr thinks I should try the brace before any surgery.  He also is concerned that I have Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.  Does anyone on the list have this complication along with their knee problem?  He feels I should see a pain management physician, get the brace, and have a full leg x-ray, and not just the knee.  Of course, I came home and immediately got on the internet to read about RSD.  This really concerns me, because so many of the symptoms fit me to a T!    Also, Dr Galloway said I should be a patient with Dr Noyse instead of himself since meniscus surgery could still be possible.  My brace and x-rays and pain mgmt Dr has to be approved by workmen's comp, so I have another wait ahead of me.
Just wanted eveyone to know  how today's second opinion went.
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Re: Update from Teamo
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2003, 10:23:09 AM »
It sounds like this doctor had a lot of really good advice for you--Dr. Noyes is one of the very best knee surgeons out there!  You couldn't be in better hands, and if I lived in the Mid-West that's who I'd be seeing.

I see a pain management doctor--if you pick the right sub-specialty, he or she can address all of your issues like diagnosing RSD, nerve blocks, acupuncture, etc.  Get on the net and search for a pain management clinic near you and see who specializes in orthopedics issues and RSD--usually a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist is a great choice.

Many people here have RSD--if this is suspected, you need to have it formally diagnosed quickly.  The sooner you treat it, the better chance for remission!  You seem to have caught it early, if you do have this, so definitely follow up.  If need be, pay out of pocket and sue WC for expenses.  This is not one of those conditions that you should wait 6 months to get treatment for--it will make a huge difference.  

Visit the soft tissue healing problems page or do a search on RSD and CRPS--they are the same.  I know of one web page and there are probably many others.

Please get in to see a neurologist/pain management specialist to be diagnosed for the RSD--the other stuff can wait, but that can't.  Don't panic even if you show a lot of the symptoms, though.  It's been my experience that a lot of doctors may well blame a complicated mechanical problem on nerve issues just because they don't know how to or don't want to treat the patient...that happened to me very recently.

I hope this information helps.  It's a very good thing you got a second opinion, and I hope you get in to see a neurologist and have the RSD tests as soon as possible.  With early intervention, if you do have this, it can be stopped in its tracks before it spreads.  If you don't have RSD, then it's a really good thing to know that your problems are all mechanical.

Best of luck.

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