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Author Topic: Impossible diagnosis  (Read 1580 times)

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Impossible diagnosis
« on: February 18, 2010, 07:34:09 PM »
I am a 24 year old skateboarder with a chronic knee problem. I've been skateboarding everyday since I was 13 years old and almost exactly 5 years ago, my life and my knee were changed forever. It was a cold January night in Philadelphia and I had been sitting in my dorm room after a long day of skating. My joints and muscles felt fine, maybe a little sore from skating that day but nothing out of the ordinary. After sitting inside for a few hours, muscles and joints completely relaxed, I got a phone call and had to be at a friends house fast. I grabbed my board and sped out of my warm room into the bitter cold. With no stretching and a heavy foot I began pushing as hard as I could down the freezing cold pavement. After about 45 seconds of constant pushing on my board, my right foot touched the ground and pushed off in an 'excelerate' motion (a push on a skateboard). I immeditely felt something in my knee I had never felt before. It felt as though something insde of my right knee moved, or tore, or shifted, something happened. It wasn't a sharp pain, just something strange and a little uncomfortable. I coasted on my board for a moment, a little cofused about what happened then cautiously continued on my way. As prefaced before, I was a skateboarder and like anyone else, had had my fair share of injuries. I treated this one like anything else that had previously happened and continued skating with the assumption it'd get better. The next day, and those to come, I noticed my knee felt 'different' it had never felt this way and I really didn't know how to react. If felt a little weaker, slightly swollen and 'heavy' when I jumped or made quick movements. It got sore very eaisily and when I focused pressure on it (my right), especially on the inner, medial, portion on my knee it became sore. It was an annoying, discomforting and a burdening feeling. My naive personality figured since it wasn't completely inhabilitating if I  kept skating it'd eventually get better. It didn't.  The next year I skated almost every day thinking my constantly sore knee would get better, but it litteraly felt the same all year. No better no worse. Realizing my knee might be more then a 'forgeta bout it' problem, I saw my first, of many doctors. I told him my story, he did a few basic tests and told me to stay off of it, no skating, for a couple weeks and I should fine. I did what he said and the first day back my refreshed knee became sore by the end of the day. The same heavy, semi swollen, sore feeling. I kept skating for a couple months, frustrated that the doctors synopsis had been wrong and to no surprise my knee remained the same. At this point I had been stretching constantly, taking Ibuprofen almost daily, aswell as taking glucosomine condroiton with msm. Besides the stretching loosening up my leg a bit, nothing I had done thus far had help. A month or two went by and unfortunately, while skating, i stress fractured my foot. It was put in a boot cast and I wasn't able to skate for a month and a half. My first thought about the situation was "great! Since i won't be skating for 6 weeks because of my foot, it'll give my knee enough time to rest, heal and my problem will be solved!" After coming back to skating from taking 6 weeks off my knee immediately starting hurting the exact same way it always does. The next few years was a whirlwind of skating for a few days, resting for a few days, ibuprofen popping, glucosomine overloads, stretching regiments, non impact strengthening excercise, doctors office visits and copays. I also began to notice my knee would crack and pop almost everytime I bent my knee to 90 degrees or further. ( it had now become a subconscience habit and seemed to relieve pressure when my knee is sore) I had a myiad of x-rays and MRI's from multiple doctors and still nothing found. I'm now literally obsessed will my knee and any information i can find. I'm leaning towards the idea of a slightly torn medial meniscus because, with mcmurrays test I feel no pain or popping but with appleys test  I get small pops on the medial side of my knee. I'm beginning to wonder if, in my early 20's I'll ever be able to 'really' skateboard again, and if I'll be constantly held back by this injury I got by simply pushing down the street. Within the past year I have a new doctor at the rothman institute in Philadelphia and again have 'stumped' them. I was ordered to have gadolinium injection followed by another MRI two days ago and saw my doctor this morning for a synopsis. He again found nothing. He did do a few tests and again felt a popping during the appleys test. After asking him what my next step would be he said either cortisone shots, which i wouldn't want to do because I want to solve the problem, not mask it OR I could get arthroscopic surgery but Idotht want to get surgery if we don't know what the problem is. This is where I'm at now, any advice would be much appreciated. i just want to be back where I was 5 years ago, but as time goes by Im beginning to become depressed with the thought of never getting better. And I definietly am skeptical about going into a blind surgery.. Any response would be greatly appreciated. - chris

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Re: Impossible diagnosis
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2010, 08:50:56 PM »
Hi cfireoved
Sorry to here about the problems you are having with your knee. I also have had problems for a while and I was eventually sent for an m.r.i that according to the first o.s  showed a bit of wear and tear,      at that time I excepted this but when My pain did not improve and I still had a lot of problems with my knee I went back to my g.p who rereferd me to the original o.s this time when I went to see him he went through the m.r.i with me and noticed a coulple of things that "didnt look right" so decided to do a scope, this I agreed to even though we did'nt know what we would find.
That was on the 5th of Jan and it was discoverd that I had a ruptured a.c.l and a torn m.c.l but due to a lot of scar tissue it was not spotted on the m.r.i.
My advice would be to get the scope as I think it's the only sure way of telling what is going on.
I am not an expert but have found out loads on this board
I hope things improve for you take care Tez         
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Re: Impossible diagnosis
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2010, 08:52:41 PM »
I would definately go for a scope to look inside the knee. Some years ago I had a problem looking like yours and no tests could really show on any damage inside...but there was a cartilage damage that needed microfracture.
Then you also will know for sure what is bothering you. The cortizone maybe will give you a relief for a shorter time, but probably your problems will be back soon again.
If you need any feed back or have questions I will try help you. All best !
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Re: Impossible diagnosis
« Reply #3 on: February 18, 2010, 09:22:55 PM »
Hi there

Sorry you're having such a tough time. I think I'd agree with the others that you've reached the stage of a scope. MRI scans can't always pick up everything that is going on, and like you, I would do anything to avoid a surgery I don't need I think you've reached the point where they need to see what is going on. Clearly you have symptoms so something must be not quite right, and a scope does allow the surgeon to look right inside and also to move the joint about, something an MRI can never do. Sometimes it is only in movement that they find the issue. Cortisone might work short term, it might work longer term but it is unlikely to sure a problem unless you've just got chronic swelling which doesn't sound the case as you can pinpoint when the trouble started to an actual event.

Good luck and I hope things improve.

Lottie  :)
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Re: Impossible diagnosis
« Reply #4 on: February 18, 2010, 10:28:14 PM »
Get the diagnostic scope. Easy, noncomplex, and you can walk out (assuming they don't DO anything).
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