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Author Topic: Exostosis (bony lump) at back of knee causing problems?  (Read 3926 times)

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Exostosis (bony lump) at back of knee causing problems?
« on: February 15, 2010, 01:37:23 PM »
A bit of background first off ...

Broke my tibia when I was around 14 and was in a cast for 6 weeks, as soon as I got the cast off I was back on skates (I play hockey) which was obviously not the best idea. Walked with a limp for a good few months.

Anyway, fast forward to around 12 months (a complete guess, could be much more or less) and I feel a solid lump behind my knee cap between my hamstrings. It's about the size of a marble and under the muscle/tendon. When i found it back then I was feeling it under the muscles so I thought it was just a solid knot (I'm sure I first found it after exercise, so I wasn't fazed by it)

Anyway, last friday evening I played another game of hockey where I tweaked my hamstring. I was at home in bed massaging it and feeling how tight it was when I felt the lump again. For some reason this panicked me and after self-diagnosing myself with bone cancer I was at the out of hours doctor at 7am on a Saturday morning. It was there that the doc said he though I had a Baker's Cyst (although i was sure he didn't have the right lump). I booked an appointment with my GP on monday morning where I eventually convinced her it wasn't "just bone" as it wasn't the same on the other side.

After an x-ray telling me I had an exostosis (2.8cm x 1.7cm) I panicked more and booked an appointment with a private orthapedic doctor (I couldn't handle the wait on the NHS - and it had worked me up so much I hadn't been out of bed in a week). He had a feel and said in his opinion I should have nothing to worry about (cancer wise anyway!) but to put my mind at rest I should get an MRI. He also told me and showed me that I have a little less flexion in that knee than I do on my other one, but I've probably been so used to this I've neer noticed before (well, thanks for pointing that out to me doc! That'll do wonders for the OCD). I'm now waiting on the NHS giving me an appointment for an MRI scan ...

The thing is, over the past few days I've started to feel my knee tighten up and bother me. The exostosis isn't obviously increasing in size (I'm poking and prodding it all the bloody time) but I still feel a tingle every so often. When I wake up in the morning my knee is quite tight, and it's the same after any period of rest. Once I take a few steps it loosens off and it causes me no problems. Occasionally I think I'm feeling the same in the other knee, but not to the same extent.

Am I imaging any of this and is my mind playing tricks on me? are ticght joints in the morning something I should be worried about? Is my constant kneeding away at the knee what's causing the tightness? Is the exostosis starting to get in the way now I know what it is, and I know it's not going away? Do I just need to get back to work on it as I've not done anything for a week and I'm usually much more active?

Any insight or advice would be great?