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Author Topic: Elmslie trillat  (Read 874 times)

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Elmslie trillat
« on: February 06, 2010, 06:20:24 PM »
Hi all I'm a newbie here and thought I would post and introduce myself.

Simply put I found this site through researching Elmslie Trillat which my knee consultant told me this morning was the only solution to sorting out my right knee. Since the age of 13 had a recurring dislocation and was always told when seeking advice that Physio was the way forward. However 5/6 years down the line moved area and new consultant took one look at my x-ray and said surgery, the first one ever to advise it.

Through my own research I hae discovered I have something called patella alta and the consultant explained to me today that my patella is position to far towards the outside of my knee and that my femur and tibia/fibia are not in alignment and the bottom half of my leg stands out at an angle... he said there were 2 surgical options and the ET was the less invasive.

I have not got a specific date as they're going to put me when a slot if free. Hopefully sooner rather than later as do not want to be in a brace particularly during the summer as I am supposed to be getting married!!!

I have read a couple of posts from other members which said it was successful so just wanted any advice and to ask if anyone has been through it to let me know how it went and how they are now.  ???  :)


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Re: Elmslie trillat
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2010, 11:40:24 PM »
Hi there,

I started dislocating at 12 years old and went years and years surgically untreated, trying to solve the problem with physio which never worked.  Both my knees dislocated regularly.  I've had ETs on both knees and since having them I have never dislocated again, my ETs were about 10 and 15 years ago, only now after 15 years have I started having problems with subluxing and its very infrequent so my surgeries have been a complete success are regards to dislocations.  My problem is that because I went so long without treatment, I now have severe osteoarthritis in both knees which cause me major problems with pain.  If you dislocate regularly I would say go for the surgery as the damage you do every time you dislocate can cause major problems later in life, I have never regretted having the surgery, living without dislocations has been fantastic, I just need to find a way of controlling the OA pain now!  Good luck if you decide to go ahead with the ET.


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Re: Elmslie trillat
« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2010, 04:46:53 PM »
That is how I found this site as well.  I am scheduled to have an Elmslie Trillat on my left knee on March 22nd.  I actually have never had any dislocations.  Instead, I have a lot of pain in my knee due to my legs being twisted so my knee cap is rubbing incorrectly.  I am a teacher and have to be on my feet all day and do a lot of walking.  I've decided on the surgery to hopefully end my nightly pains. 
3/22/10- TTT (Elmslie Trillat)