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Author Topic: Euflexxa relief for meniscus removal?  (Read 2343 times)

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Euflexxa relief for meniscus removal?
« on: November 01, 2009, 05:35:48 AM »
Had my meniscus removed last year.  I'm a 45 year old male.  Stability is better, but with meniscus removed, cushioning limited.  Was supposed to get Euflexxa shots,but insurance denied claim. I don't have lots of pain, but range of motion not as good as it used to be.  Does Euflexxa help in overall knee range of motion?  Also, does meniscus removal lessen knee strength?  Used to take karate, but afraid to put knee through the practice.  Would doctor-ordered knee brace help?  Would appreciate any and all advice.

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Re: Euflexxa relief for meniscus removal?
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2010, 02:54:04 PM »
Well meniscus removal does make ur knees a little unhealthy and tht keeps getting worse with time cuz there's no cushion... btw i'm 20 and had my meniscus removed like a month back... just wanted u to know tht 45 is better then 20...