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Author Topic: Bone bruise or something more?  (Read 1128 times)

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Bone bruise or something more?
« on: February 05, 2010, 09:36:36 PM »
I fell over at the beginning of the year - missing my footing on my staircase at home and fell down about 3 steps with my full weight straight down on my right knee.  I'd been taking anti-inflamatories for back pain and I think that may have masked a lot of my symptoms.  This is the same knee that I had a medial plica removed from just 3 years ago - apparently the rest of my knee was "pristine" at the time of that surgery.

Once I came off the anti-inflamatories my knee pain really started and it's been getting worse.  I went to the GP who offered me more painkillers, but instead I asked her to refer me back to the specialist who removed the plica. 

The consultant decided that with my history of knee trouble, he'd arrange an MRI scan - the results of the MRI are as follows:

"Focal marrow oedema is identified at the posterolateral aspect of the medial tibial plateau suggesting a recent impaction injury.  CT would be able to exclude a fracture here if clinically relevant.  There appears to be minimal distortion of the articlular surface."  It also states the there is "suggestion of a minimally displaced fracture and articular cartilage appears hyperintense in this region and a focal chondral defect is difficult to exculde.  Patello femoral chondral degenration is also noted.  There appears to be a fissure extending into the articular cartilage at the lateral facet of the patella."

How much damage have I really done?  He said it's a bone bruise and see how I am in another six weeks, but things are getting worse, not improving and I don't want this to be another long haul.

Any thoughts anybody?


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