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Author Topic: Now what?  (Read 866 times)

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Now what?
« on: February 02, 2010, 01:34:32 AM »
Hi All,

Some of yo knwo my knee history and some don't (check out my signature for a brief idea).

After surgery in 2006 I was given a HUGE, very comfortable, easily adjustable, hinged knee brace to wear. it was one which had to go over my clothes because of it's size. It kept my kneecap in place, I suppose by virtue of where the hinges were and I was able to cope easily with it by changing the angle of the hinges to change ROM etc.
The thing is, it wore out and last week I finally had to throw it away.

I have no idea what type of knee brace it was as when I first had it, I was given it in place of what I shoul dhave had. At the time the hospial didn't have what I needed and this one was the next best thing. having said that, I was very pleased with and and was, with hindsight, happy to accpet it in place of what I shoul dahve been given.

I have asked my GP as he saw it and rememebers it but he doesn't know the make etc. I asked if I could write to or call my OS or his secretary but he effectively discharged me without warning.

I've seen similar ones onthe internet but they are several hundred pounds and as I consider my OS partly to blame for th conditino of my knee, IMHO the NHS should pay. So, does anyone know if I am able to ask my OS for a prescription for one of these braces so I can just go and colelct it? Or can my GP write out the prescription? it would be far easier to go to him and get it.

I now do not have a knee brace that works or fits properly because of swelling partly. So when it comes to functioning properly, I'm in more of a mess now than before I ever had the surgeries.

What now?

Take care,

Laura xx
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Re: Now what?
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2010, 04:16:57 AM »
Given that the NHS operates a bit differently than the system in the US, the best suggestion I have is that if you can get pictures of your original brace, pictures and descriptions ordering info etc for acceptable replacement models, and see if your GP will order it, since your OS has discharged you as no longer unable to do anything for you.

If your OS you had has put in writing that he feels he can't help you, and your GP will agree with you that your knee is not functional, I would see if you can be referred to a different orthopedic clinic, even if you have to drive to go to it, and get another opinion. Look for a sports medicine or knee specialist, if your GP can help you get to one a reasonable distance from you.
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