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Author Topic: Can cartilage damage heal itself making OATS unnecessary  (Read 1236 times)

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Can cartilage damage heal itself making OATS unnecessary
« on: January 17, 2010, 09:32:05 PM »
I fell on 1/29/09 broke ankle (ORIF), tore meniscus in left knee, needed OATS done on my right knee and required surgery to both shoulders. My ankle, left knee and shoulders were completed over the year--last shoulder done 12/8/09.  My right knee was just done 1/15/10.  Since I didn't have my right knee done (OATS) when it happened (they told me only one body part at a time) my OS said the injury healed and he didn't need to do the procedure.  So an abridgement was done to my right knee instead of the OATS procedure.  I was a little freaked because they sent me home wrapped in ace bandages without an immobilizer.

Does anyone have any idea what happens now?  Will not having the OATS cause future damage or create a chance that I might need it later on.  Did my cartilage heal after all this time making the OATS unnecessary? What repercussions, if any, should I be concerned about?
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Re: Can cartilage damage heal itself making OATS unnecessary
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2010, 03:17:39 PM »
Hi there

I've not heard of an abridgement - did your doc perhaps do a debridement? If he did, then it probably means that when they looked inside the knee the damage was not enough to warrant OATS - OATS is used for focal lesions that need a bit grafting from another part of the cartilage surface so perhaps he was able to just generally tidy the cartilage up and hence the reason you avoided more major surgery? In terms of what it means in the future, well, you got your damage through specific injuries so hopefully now they've been treated they will heal and settle and you'll get back to full strength. Any injury *can* make you more predisposed to problems in the future either through the nature of whats been repaired or just because you might not be as strong or as stable and hence fall over again! But do your rehab, get as strong as you can and it sounds like your body dealt with the trauma enough to avoid the need for a cartilage graft.

I'd say just monitor any pain, changes in ROM, swelling etc to make sure things aren't being aggravated and perhaps ask the OS why they don't need to do OATS now in specific terms.

Good luck - you certainly must have done a spectacular fall with all those injuries! Keep mending!  ;D

Lottie  :)
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