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Author Topic: Recent MCL injury and a fast approaching skiing holiday  (Read 940 times)

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Recent MCL injury and a fast approaching skiing holiday
« on: January 17, 2010, 01:37:03 PM »
Hello everyone

Warning, this is a bit of an essay!

I'm 28 and have previous experienced the joys of knee injuries when I ruptured the ACL in my right knee playing football in 2004. Fortunately I had successful reconstruction surgery and returned to playing 9 months afterwards without problem.

Pretty much one week ago to the minute I injured myself playing football again, this time it was my left knee. I was running across the pitch full pelt and extended my leg to block a shot. When my leg planted on the pitch again my weight must have been carrying forward at an awkward angle and I felt my knee 'pop' out to the side (I honestly can't remember if it was left or right). I didn't feel a tear or hear a snap like I did with my right knee but I was in a similar amount of pain. The pain didn't stop until my teammates rolled me onto my back and it seemed like it 'popped' back into place. The pain stopped straight away. I felt alright straight away but then started to feel a bit numb.

I saw a doctor about an hour later who tested the range of movement and resistance and he didn't seem to think anything was majorly torn. He said that I had likely strained the lateral collateral ligament but should be alright in 2 weeks.

The kicker is that I had already booked and paid for a skiing holiday, I fly out next Saturday.

Last Monday my knee was very, very swollen and I couldn't put any weight on it but that has since gone down and I can walk. I've not tried to run or anything else yet. I get sore at the front of my knee below the knee cap when I fully extend my leg and my MCL down the inside of my leg is very tender and is sore when I walk. Crucially (hopefully) I donít feel any instability in the joint, but havenít really done anything that strenuous with it yet.
The doctor I saw said I should be ok for skiing as nothing was injured that badly, however, I wasnít expecting the swelling to last as long as it did and he also told me that any damage was likely to the lateral collateral, but now the swelling has passed, that obviously isnít the case and it is in face the medial.

So in short I have another weeks rest before I fly, what does everyone think, will I be ok if I take it easy or is this a no chance youíll ski scenario?

Thanks in advance.