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Author Topic: Knee Surgery  (Read 981 times)

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Knee Surgery
« on: March 03, 2017, 02:01:06 AM »

It seems that the problems never seem to stop even when you think you are on the right track.

Long story short for now - A surgeon diagnosed a problem with the PCL that needed to be reconstructed after an examination.  It was agreed between the two of us that allograft tissue would be used and the surgeon firmly believed or so the surgeon told me that the problem was isolated to the PCL - The posterior cruciate ligament.

I went to surgery and was anaesthetized - After waking up and speaking to the surgeon who came to see me in the Hospital - He told me he had not reconstructed the PCL but had reconstructed the postero lateral corner as it was damaged at the extra capsular tissue level and the lateral collateral ligament was also torn.  The surgeon auto-grafted semi-tendinosus which was not agreed on before the operation.

At this point I realized he had got the diagnosis wrong and incomplete - This does not mean the PCL is not damaged as it is but is a grade 1 if the truth is being told.

Regarding the restoration of full range of motion which is a physical therapists primary objective - I've been on 126 degrees since six weeks after surgery - I'm now 12 weeks after surgery and ROM has not improved at all.

For the last few weeks I am concerned about the quality of the outcome of postero lateral corner reconstruction at the technical level of the surgery meaning I am concerned something is preventing  any more flexion because of a technical problem with the surgery.

A screw may be too long - or mis-placed - or the surgeon may have done something else to prevent  more flexion but hasn't told me despite me asking.

It is also possible some more healing needs to take place before more flexion comes but I find the situation suspicious because of no progress in the last six weeks.

Postero lateral corner reconstruction goes wrong for many patients the 1st time around but better on a revision surgery from what I have been reading.

Due to the diagnosis going wrong it's affected my confidence in the surgeon because the nature of the surgery changed without my consent eg - I would not have agreed to auto graft and if on top of that the surgery has been messed up as far as flexion is concerned I cannot rehabilitate the knee.

I understand patience is needed but the situation, I repeat myself is suspicious -

It is possible that the cruciates need looking at as well in the near future but for now I'm concentrating on the work done to establish if all is well or not -

Any useful info welcome - Thanks