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Author Topic: new year, new pain..and the old ones!  (Read 1023 times)

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new year, new pain..and the old ones!
« on: January 11, 2010, 12:48:08 AM »

I had a double bi-lateral anthroscopy nearly 3 years ago now and at that point the only pain I had was my knees. Initally worked well and the pain was near-enough all gone unless I did something to aggrivate it, but unfortunatley for my right knee this was short term and lasted a year at maximum.

Like I say nearly 3 years on, my right knee is back to making that grizzly crunching noise on stairs, often becomes puffy, and can be really sore. My left knee isn't as bad and still tends to need aggrivating to hurt (can be easily be achieved by going for a stroll or light workout, or the cold!), but my hips have beome increasingly painful, sore, and stiff. In fact I sit writing this with legs elavated trying to ease the ache after a very low impact workout on the Wii yesterday morning!

I am finding it increasingly depressing that my knee has returned to its former painful self, and although I knew the first scope would be just a 'sticky plaster', I'm trying to deceide whether to have this done again. Surely there's only so much they can scrape away?!? The very painful hips are also getting me down lately, a part of me always hurts and is stiff leaving me walking like a penguin!

Some advice on what I can do to help my knees and rapidly fading hips would be gratefully recieved, thank you x
Bi-lateral anthroscopy on 09.03.07 - severe damage to both knees.
Diagnosed with Osteo-arthritis in January '08 - advanced in right knee and beginning to spread to hip.