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Author Topic: Hardware Removal  (Read 1042 times)

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Hardware Removal
« on: December 23, 2009, 10:37:26 PM »
Hey everyone! I'm sure some of you have read about my experiences with my femoral derotational osteotomies on my femurs. It has been over 2 years since the right was done, and a little less than a year since the left.

My right plate hasn't really caused me a whole lot of pain over the years, just the occasional stiffness, and snap of the tendon.

The left plate has caused me a significant amount of pain! It seemed like every day and every night, my left hip hurt where the plate was. I talked to my OS, and he said it was bursitis and tendonitis from the plate and it would go away once it was removed.

My OS said it really didn't matter whether I had one plate removed at a time or both at once. He said if I did both at once the first two weeks would probably be a little rough, with the pain and having two large incisions on both of my hips. But, I decided to do them both anyways. I figured it was one more surgery, and one more recovery.

So, here I am, I had the plates removed thursday, the 17th. I'm almost one week post op. The surgery went really well. They gave me a choice for anaesthesia, and I decided to go with the epidural, because it could be left in after surgery to regulate the pain. At first, my OS said it was just going to be an outpatient procedure. When I was laying in the bed all prepped he said I should stay a night since I live about 6 hours from the hospital. So when I woke up from surgery, I didn't feel sick or anything, the epidural worked great. It was left in until the next morning, and then they put me on Percocet.

I'm still taking the Percocet every once in a while, but I really don't need anything but a cane occasionally to walk. The pain is mostly from the incision, and the muscles are sore.....but with the percocet it really doesn't hurt much.

I can tell the plates are gone, there is no more snapping and no more pain from the plates! I'm so happy! I was really worried because I didn't know if the pain would go away, but at least the snapping has stopped! There is hope!

Hopefully now i'll be all done with surgeries!

Take care,
5/15/08      R femoral derotational osteotomy
1/19/09      L femoral derotational osteotomy
12/17/09  hardware removal (L&R femoral blade plates and screws)
10/28/10 removal of bone chip and cleanup of scar tissue on left
4/2014 15 deg. Re-rotation of L Femur
9/2014 L. Plate Removal & Fix Fracture