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Author Topic: trochlear & patellar dysplasia  (Read 764 times)

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trochlear & patellar dysplasia
« on: December 19, 2009, 12:58:01 PM »
Hi to all, I'm new to this forum and I'm really glad to have found it cause I finally saw other people that have my same problem and I was thinking of being quite alone till now.
If some of you manage to give me your opinion on my case it will really help me a lot, I feel so lost and I dont know what to think anymore.
I first luxated my left knee lets say around 14 years ago, after that I had many other cases of luxation I think around 7 that where bad enough to make me stay in bed without moving, and have serious problems in geting back to walk and so on. I remember having luxated my right knee when I was a kid too but the right knee feels much stronger.

Now I'm 25 and I dont know what to do anymore. If I try to move my patella with my hands the left one feels really mobile and tends to go to the outside, the right one is more strong but still moves much more compared to normal knees. If i'm doing steps i can feel my right knee rubbing, I guess against the cartilage so probabilly im damaging it.

For my knees I had to change my life, i stopped doing contact sports in high school, after high school I stopped doing sports in general. After years of inactivity I was really tired of how my body changed, I couldnt look at my self in the mirror anymore and when 2 years ago i luxated my left knee again I promised my self to start and do sports again. It was really difficult for me to get back to walk properly i guess it took me 4 months or more, afeter that i started swimming running, last year I started doing parkour and 4 months ago I enrolled in a gymnastics course.

A month ago I luxated my left knee again at gymnastics, I was just walking in a hand stand and when I came back to ground my knee popped out, I hat to force it back in it really didnt want to go back I remember i was slamming it with my hand. 

Last week a whent to a knee specialist with some Xrays and a MR. He told me that I have a trochlear and patellar dysplasia. He told me that I could do nothing about it, that I would have this problem for the rest of my life. he told me that there are no possible operations to fix the problem, and that with aging it will only get worse cause it will lead to arthrites. He sayd that nothing can be done for the degeneration of the cartilages too. he told me that i shouldnt to sports anymore a part from going to the gym running in plain or bike in plain or swimming but only in free style.

I asked him for specific exercises and he told me that he wouldnt recomend doing anything at home, and that I should go to the gym.

I dont want to go to the gym casue I believe that Its an ineffective way to train, I think that since I have this problem all that machinery will put even more strain on my ligamnets joints and ruin my cartilage more.

He told me that I shouldnt squat or do lunges, that in the gym I should do high reps low weight.

But how i'm i supposed to put on muscle of i do low weight high reps?? I know my body well, for me it is really difficult to put muscle on, i could end up going years to the gym and not have muscle gain and probabilly just ruin my knees more.

I asked him if I could do yoga or spinning and obviously he sayd no.  I read so many good things about yoga and knee instability. I would probaibly avoid doing some streatches that would compromise my ligaments so i would be carefull about it.

The things that I'm worried about now is what to do:

should i go to the gym? ( I really would prefer anything else than that)

can't i go swimming running yoga spinnin?

would squats and lunges without weights on my back be so bad for my knees? ( I really believe in bodyweight training)

Has anyone with this problem just managed to fix it getting really serious with sports and getting super strong legs?
Or no matter how much I train hard and get hulk legs I will keep having luxation problems and atrhrites in the future?

I want to see some other doctors or maibe sports fisiotherapists that have experience with this kind of problem but i dont know where to go... I live in Italy.

I'm sorry for the lenght of the post but I'm really frustrated and have so many questions,

Thank you all