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Author Topic: ACL - LCL Reconstruction Rehab Protocol  (Read 2410 times)

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ACL - LCL Reconstruction Rehab Protocol
« on: December 16, 2009, 04:55:39 PM »
Hi All,

Just a quick question (which probably has lots complicated answers) can anyone sumarise the physio rehab for a ACL and LCL reconstruction. I've just had both of mine done using orthoscope and I'm now starting the recovery process. I'm 3 weeks post op with my left leg in a full brace and I'm none weight bearing. Aparently I'll be like this for another 3 weeks at which point it is back to the hospital to have this brace taken off and I guess I'll get a new brace which allows some movement. As for now I'm performing static quads and leg raises as often as I can and with my other leg (from which they took the graft for the LCL) I'm also performing seated knee bends. At the 6 week mark what should I expect to happen?