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Author Topic: CPM machine  (Read 948 times)

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CPM machine
« on: December 11, 2009, 07:29:47 PM »
I had a RKR on Sep 21, 09.  I had a LKR on Oct 30, 09.   They were exactly 10 wks apart.  I did not seem to have much pain or problems with the RKR.  On the second day of the LKR, I could do 90 on the CPM and walk with little assistance.  They came in several times the first night and asked if I wanted pain medication, but I did not need any until the second day.  The nurse said the other two TKR were in a lot of pain. I think my nerve block lasted longer than theirs did. The surgery was on Monday and I came home on Thursday.  I had to take an anti-biotic as a safety measure because they thought I might have a urinal tract infection.  I had an adverse reaction to the anti-biotic on Saturday and stopped the anti-biotic. This is Thursday and it still seems to be having some effect on me.  I have a few problems with the Warfarin, but will continue to take it.  My problem now is with the CPM machine.  I can do 105 on it comfortably, but when I get off of it, my knee and leg gets really stiff and I have a hard time walking on it.  I took Hydrocordon before I used the CPM this morning and it hasn't gotten so stiff.  I don't remember the leg and knee getting so stiff with the right knee from the CPM. The RKR did get stiff when I sat or slept. I thought the CPM was supposed to loosen the knee, not make it stiff.  I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this or if it is something normal? Thanks for any help.