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Author Topic: Docs cant say what's wrong with my knee  (Read 940 times)

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Docs cant say what's wrong with my knee
« on: December 09, 2009, 08:20:18 PM »
Hi everyone, my name is Yves and i'm an amateur wrestler/mma competitor.

i've been off the mats for a couple of months because of a recuring knee injury, it pops out when it is fully bent and there is pressure on my patella, like when i'm on my knees with my butt on my heels, or during some grappling action(reversal from the "guard" usnig "butterfly hooks"); . Otherwise nothing happens. i need to extend my leg to get my knee back where it should be, and it's quite painful. Then it just pops back in.

 i basically cant be on my knees, constantly afraid of my knee sliding out of the socket.

it's been a couple of months since it first happened. 5 weeks ago i decided to stop trying and to get it checked. MRi, X-Ray, Scan, doc, ostheopath, none of them could see anything wrong with my knee. At that time the injury was fresh and i didnt want them to bend my knee though. But still, scans and X-ray show a healthy knee, ligaments,tendons, and the meniscus dont show any sign of damage..

The ostheopath and the surgeon both said my knees were really loose, hyperflexible they say. Might be an explanation, but they havent seen anything else that would ressemble a cause for an injury.

After 5 weeks off, i can squat all the way down. But i'm still afraid of being on my knees with my butt resting on my heels, that's how it has happened most of the time.
  i've never had any real pain apart from the moments when it pops out(it is grueling until i get it back where it should be and my mobility is reduced for a week or so)

 Some doctors say it could be the meniscus, some others think it might be the patella, and my ostheopath mentionned hyperflexibility.

Anyway, when will i be able to consider that any possible injury thant cannot be seen on a scanner should be healed? i really hope there's no permenent damage, grappling iS my life, i am not kidding you, i had a professional mma fight and i wanted to pursue a serious carreer.

any info very much appreciated. My docs have no clue of what it could be, just some doubts. it makes me extremely anxious.

Many thanks for your replies!

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Re: Docs cant say what's wrong with my knee
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2009, 10:14:30 AM »
Hi there,

I was in a similar situation as you are in, my OS also could not find any problems with my knee as my MRI scan came up normal and during physical examination he could not spot any potential problems. I did have swelling and sharp pain inside the knee and had ultrasound therapy and a cortisone injection but it did not improve my knee problem so my OS had no option but to scope my knee. The plica and fat pad were removed as they where causing me all the problems that the MRI scan never picked up.

I see you have had an xray and MRI scan but has you OS mentioned CT a scan as they are good for spotting maltracking problems with the knee. The CT scan will show if your kneecap alligned properly and may have maltracking problems and there are a number of ways to solve if 1st conservative methods building up the leg muscles to tighten up the kneecap by doing physio. The more drastic methods are lateral release LR or tibial tubercle transfer TTT but no point in worrying you as you may not have tracking problems.

Just sounds like maltracking from your description and can ask your OS if he thinks you may have tracking problems. Seek a 2nd opinion from another OS as he/she might give another diagnoses.

Nick :) {2009} :)

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