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Author Topic: chrondomalacia questions  (Read 918 times)

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chrondomalacia questions
« on: December 05, 2009, 03:50:43 PM »
I'm new to this whole chat with strangers thing, but I'm hoping to get some good answers.  I had a scope on my right knee in December 08 to repair torn cart. in both medial and lateral meniscus.  The lateral was torn pretty bad...don't remember any specific injury that caused any of it...just had pain that wouldn't go away.  Now here we are in Dec 09 and I am 3 days out of my second scope on the same knee.  Never felt "right" after my first surgery, but I rehabbed it went on with my life after surgery last year.  I threw out my back in April and while rehabbing that problem, never felt like I was getting any further than what my "odd and often painful" knee would let me get.  I decided to go check out my knee again in November and after an MRi, found a small horizontal tear in the medial meniscus and grade 2/3 chrondomalacia (sp??).  In surgery, he found another tear in lateral meniscus that wasn't seen on MRI, horizontal tear in medial meniscus and that it's grade 3 chrondomalacia.  He said he cleaned it up as best he could.  I haven't seen the doc yet, just going off what my husband said that the doc said after surgery.  He told my hubby that I hopefully will get some relief from what he did, and if not, I can have up to 3 injections to help "buffer" the joints and if that doesn't work, then I'm looking at a PKR in my future.  He said another scope would do me no good.  So...all that being said...I'm wondering about this chrondomalacia stuff.  Once it's there, can it be cleaned up like he said and I really won't have problems?  Once you have chrondomalacia, does it just continue to deteriorate with time or is it "fixed" once we catch it at grade 3?  I played competitive golf in high school and college and really believe that my right knee problems stem from years of twisting that joint.  Any other golfers out there who have the same issues?  I just turned 40 and think I'm a little young to talk about PKR, but I've also been a pretty athletic person my whole life and I want to stay that way. I've been going to PT for months for my back and have often asked about my knee tracking as it felt "off".  I've been told over and over that my tracking is in line, so when I read about chrondomalacia issues and that you really have to figure out WHY the problem started in the first place, I'm at a loss.  I have no idea why it started and so therefore have no idea how to fix the problem so the chrondo will stop progressing.  Does that make sense???