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Author Topic: Ischial Weight Bearing Brace?  (Read 2963 times)

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Ischial Weight Bearing Brace?
« on: September 17, 2003, 08:32:50 PM »
Anyone had experience in the ischial weight bearing brace?
I can't get a straight answer from my brace maker or my OS on what I likely will be able to do in this brace.   I am trying to negotiate with work to let me come of disability, but am not sure what to tell them about my mobility once I am in the brace.
Any experience?  All stories...good and bad are welcome.


P.S.  Full leg brace with molded top that fits under ischial (and it feels like it sits on pelvic bone as well), it has knee locked at 180 and foot locked at 90 with a rocker bottom sole.  Allows you to walk off your ischial bone (butt) without having weight on your knee.
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