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Author Topic: Grade 3 acl tear but no operation required! Hopefully!  (Read 4364 times)

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Grade 3 acl tear but no operation required! Hopefully!
« on: December 01, 2009, 08:05:19 PM »
Went private today to see the surgeon who done my first op. He asked me first a few questions which included " do you really need to play football again", to which i replied well if not gaelic football, abit of indoor soccer would be good. Then came his physical examination he checked my mcl against my good leg and he was really happy considering i had a grade 3 rupture, he said there was still a difference but only grade 1 laxity. Then came the cruciate examination, again he knew the difference but not as bad as it should be considering there was only a few fibres left of it and advised me against a reconstruction.
He told me to allow the infection that i got as a result of the screw being taken out to sort itself out and then i can start straight line jogging, then proceed to twisting and turning with the aid of a hinged brace then if all that goes well proceed to football, however if my knee gives out then i would have to consider acl recontruction.
He wants my physio to follow an acl rehab "type" course. I asked what was the success rate of going without aclr and he said 33% of people decided against returning to sports, 33% reinjured their acl and 33% had a successful return to sports.
I know myself that at the moment their is no way i could start jogging, i could have done it before screw removal but im not that confident but hopefullt thatconfidence will come with.
Morale of the story i think is never give up even in the darkest of times
14-06-09 Fracture of left lateral tibial condyle, small avvision of tibial spine, grade 3 tear of mcl and acl and damage to lateral meniscus
22-06-09 Mcl repair, meniscus repair + 3 screws to repair Tpf
23-09-09 Brace off released to fwb
16-11-09 3 screws and 2 washers out
27-11-09 Infection