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Author Topic: Is it common to have problems with one knee after having problems with the other  (Read 1314 times)

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After years of problems with my left knee, I had surgery in January which completely fixed the problem.  Now, my right knee is starting to feel the same as my left did when all of my problems started.  Is it common to have issues with one knee after having issues with the other?

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Same here. I had heard that once we've had knee surgery, our other knee is much more vulnerable to injury.  My PT says that this is very common because we tend to overcompensate, putting more burden on the "good" leg.  She says walking normally (no limp) helps prevent this.
June 1995 - L. knee buckled (martial arts)
July 2006 - L. knee buckled (throwing a ball)
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I had knee surgery in August on my left knee, now my right knee bothers me sometimes. I would say it has to do with the fact that I only used my right leg for 8 weeks while I was non-weight bearing for my left leg. There is no winning, if they had to do surgery on my right knee, it would just lead to my left knee hurting again.
-Left knee history-
Oct 06- injured knee, MRI shows torn meniscus, no action
June 09- knee begins popping, MRI shows large OCD lesion
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Jan 19- biopsy for MACI, partial meniscectomy
Apr 19- MACI implantantion, meniscus allograft

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I guess it also depends on what causes the knee problems in the first place. If injury was the cause, possibily not. But if it was a result of a condition such as arthritis or mal-alignment then it may be more likely that you would face similar problems in other joints.

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I had a TTT in March of this year as my patella was too high along with other surgeries before that. I had no problems with my left knee before, however since the end of 2008 my left knee has steadily deteriorated to the point that I am having a TTT on it.

The OS thinks that I has always had issues with my left knee but it was worsened by the over compensating for my right knee since my knee troubles began. 
November 2005 - Arthroscopy RK.
December 2006 - LR RK.
Febuary 2008 -
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October 2008 -
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Told I have Hypermobile joints.
March 2009 -
11th Jan -
OS agreed removal of screws
5th Feb 2010 -
TTT/LR scheduled for LK

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Absolutely... and the feet and hips and low back as well.  It's all tied in together, and if a knee problem causes your gait to be off, even if you don't necessarily notice it, it can throw off the mechanics of your whole lower body, unfortunately.  Been there... done that many times!

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