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Author Topic: Foot/leg numbness after knee surgery- meniscus transplant  (Read 15855 times)

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Foot/leg numbness after knee surgery- meniscus transplant
« on: November 27, 2009, 09:32:32 AM »
I had a meniscus transplant a few days ago. After recovery, I told the nurse that my foot felt like it was asleep. After pressing her, she got the surgeon, who was concerned enough to order an immediate MRI. This apparetnly proved negative, but I was having a lot of discomfort- basically tingling/numbness/burning sensations on my foot (top and bottom), ankle, and up my leg but stopping just around the knee area where the surgery was done. After the MRI, the surgeon brought me back into the O.R. (about 10 hours after the initial surgery) to put some type of drainage device in the back of my leg (back of knee) thinking that there may be some swelling accouting for my foot and leg feeling like it was asleep. He also said that an inspection of the nerve (canal??) during this second O.R. visit revealed no damage to nerves, and no nerve damage where the meniscus was repaired (e.g., a nerve got caught in the stiches). It's getting to two days post op now, and my tingling has remained, perhaps gotten a little worse, and my foot now feels swolen with more of the burning sensation.

I cannot get a good answer in terms of what's going on since there is apparently no nerve damage. The only indication is that during the meniscus transplant surgery, there was a torniquet around my knee just around the spot where the numbness subsides (i.e., nothing in the hamstring or quad, but yes in the shin and calf). Also, the 2 hour surgery lasted almost twice as long for some reason, so my leg was in some sort of sling, bent/crossed to facilitate the surgery, during that time. This is the going thought of what caused the damage/discomfort initially, but no clear prognosis or timeframe for anythign getting better, or at least ruling out permanent problems.

I am jumping quickly to try to get a consult with a neurologist, in addition to following up with my orthopaedic surgeon who performed the transplant surgery, who by the way, I do find competent, for whatever that might be worth. Anyone with information on this in terms of cause, prognosis, timeframe, what I should/shouldn't do? At the hosptial, some nurses/doctors said elevate the leg, some said don't elevate, some say ice the knee, but the nurses when I was there overnight said no ice. So I'm a bit confused and obviously very scared at this point. And from what I've read online so far, some people have good outcomes a few months down the road, some have permanent discomfort.

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Re: Foot/leg numbness after knee surgery- meniscus transplant
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2009, 12:13:36 PM »
Nerve damage can happen during surgery and it's hard to avoid. I had the same problem after a partial knee replacement. My doctor said it was probably from the tourniquet and it would go away. However, he could not tell me when it would go away. There's really no way to predict these things and not a whole lot that can be done. In my case it took a couple of weeks for the numbness, etc. to go away. I think the top of my foot was the last part to come back. There's part of my knee that has been numb since my first surgery over 35 years ago. I got over worrying about years ago.