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Author Topic: ankle pain after HTO?  (Read 2497 times)

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ankle pain after HTO?
« on: November 24, 2009, 10:56:19 PM »
I had an open wedge HTO in March 2008 to off load impact damage to my medial compartment as well as help stabilise my posteral lateral corner damage. During my HTO I suffered a lateral TPF so OS decided not to proceed to reconstruct my PLC and and has subsequently decided not to reconstruct. I was non weight bearing for 6 weeks in a locked brace. After 6 weeks partial weight bearing unlocked brace and at 12 weeks post op allowed to start full weight bearing.

At this point I started to get pain in my ankle and it was attibuted to weakness etc after such a long period of non / partial wieght bearing and part of re mobilisation!! Unfortunenately pain got worse and then OS / PT suggested that may be I had 'sprained it'!! I questioned if possible due to biomechanical changes following HTO, but OS said unlikely!!??

Ankle continued to play up with pain and frequency intensifying deep in ankle and finally during a follow up in Summer 2009 after hardware removal OS decided that may be I did have a problem worthy of assessment / investigation!! On full clinical assessment OS surprised to find some ligament instability and was suspiscious of chondral damage to sub taler joint. OS ordered an MRI which showed oedema in the sub talar joint but otherwise inconclusive! Still says that not due to changes in biomechanics but I am convinced this is the case!!

I am scheduled for steroid injections to the ankle joint as a first step as OS and I not keen for anything majorly interventional but my question to fellow knee geeks following HTO - has anyone else suffered ankle pain? the extent it is becoming more of a problem than the knee problem?

My HTO has not helped resolve my medial pain and now told my damage to knee is so bad that chondral repair surgery is no longer an option! I now feel I have a knacked knee and knackered ankle!! Any one else experienced similar or am I just unlucky!!

09/06 bad hamstring tear/undiagnosed knee injury
03/07 >6 months PT.OS referral
05/07 OS#1 diag. old age
07/07 OS#2 scope/EUA. Diag.LCL/PLC/ACL laxity, Grade3 medial femoral condyle damage, medial meniscus displaced
12/03/08 HTO,TPFx in surgery!
04/09 hardware out scope/EUA.PLCr not needed