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Author Topic: Anyone Have Any Experience of Healing of Osteoarthritis of the Knee  (Read 1413 times)

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I posted this in the Knee Arthritis section three weeks ago and got no replies so I'm posting agian in this section.  I have had some improvement but could really do with some encouragement and tips.  Anyone?

I have severe osteoarthritis in both knees.  I can only walk short distances before I have to sit down because of the pain.  I'm 58 and it is getting progressively worse.  I  have had a pretty physical life and want to continue it.  I am scheduled to have TKR at the end of January on my right knee and am pretty scared.  Just recently I have had some Healing and there does seem to be some improvement.  Can I ask if anyone on this forum has any experience of this?  Is it reasonable to hope/expect a real cure?  I can do visualisations/positive thinking/good feelings, call it what you will and am willing to put in the time to this effect.  I'd really like to avoid the surgery if possible but also want a full life, I'm an outdorsey sort of person.   I have kind of given myself until the end of the year to see some REAL improvement, failing that I will have the TKR. Any and all advice greatly received. Thanks.
2001: first referral to OS for osteoarthritis in knees after about 5 years of OA pain.  Told I was too young for knee replacement.
July 2009 Bilateral arthroscopy
Jan 2010 TKR-right knee