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Author Topic: A Journal of My Meniscus Tear Surgery  (Read 1526 times)

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A Journal of My Meniscus Tear Surgery
« on: November 24, 2009, 08:03:22 PM »
Hi I had Meniscus Tear left knee surgery exactly one week.

 Here is some background.  I fell on my left knee back in 1993 and was diagnosed with the MRI with a tear.  Instead of surgery I opted for living with the pain and just dealing with it.  In Feb of 2009 I re-injured the knee again.  I consequently sprained the ankle with the constant shifting of the weight.  It also caused plantar faschia in both feet.   I did the surgery because the surgeon said there was lots of arthritis and the surgery was definitely needed.

Here is a journal of my surgery day. I had the surgery last week 11-17 at 09:00am.  First surgery in 29 years.  I was admitted at 6:30am.  I was initially very scared of the unknown and general anthesisa.  Filled all the forms out and my mom was there with me.  There were other people in the waiting room area scheduled for surgery day as well.  Finally, the nurse called me and took me to the back.  He asked me to take all clothing off and just leave the underwear on and to please put the gown on with it facing to the back.  He gave me the plastic bag and said everything would go into this bag.  He said when you are done please holler out and go ahead and climb into the hospital bed.  He then closed the curtain and left.  Eventually I had the gown on and put all personal items, even my sneakers into this bag.  When he came back in he put the bag directly under the beg. 

The nurses were outstanding in the handling of me.  All the questions and pre-screening vitals were taken. They offered for my mom to come back to this area and wait with me.   From finding a vein at the top of the hand for the drip, the cleaning of the leg prep prior to carting me off to surgery.  My allergy to shellfish had them use a pink cleaner for the leg vs. the brown turkey baster as they described it.  The antibiotics were then administered through the IV.  They had me drink a quick shot of a potent type of antibiotic.  They said my orthopedic surgeon would be in to see me for one final time and I was to give him a blue marker.  The anesthesiologist came in and introduced himself, and basically explained what would be going on and he asked the same questions as the others.  I had to keep identifying myself with the bracelet on my right wrist of my full name and date of birth.  The other bracelet which was a bright red or orange color was the allergy bracelet and for my allergies codeine and shellfish were indicated.  I explained to the anesthesiologist my apprehension and I feared not waking up from being put out.  He saw my lip quivering and my arm starting to tremble.  He said he would be giving me a mood relaxer or something like that prior to the surgery.   

My surgeon doctor came in and had his little chat and I handed him the marker.  He marked HS on the leg. 

It was close to 8:00am and the surgical nurse then came in and I repeated my name and date of birth from the bracelet.  I was then  taken in the bed down the hall and led into the surgical room.  I saw the green tiles on the wall and then they put my bed next to the actual surgical bed that I would be using.  They leveled it and I had to push myself onto the other bed.  I saw all the bright lights right above me and I had a horrible flashback to 1980 when I had a beneign breast tumor removed.  The anesthesiologist came over and was waiting and saw my lip trembling and my right arm shakng.  He said I believe it is time to give you that mood relaxer.  The next thing I remember is that I woke up in recovery and it was 10:10am as I could see the clock directly in front of me.  I was back in my original bed and looking at the original curtain.  I knew exactly where I was now.  Someone asked me if I was ready to go home.  I said, "It hurts!"  They brought over a darvasat pain pill.  Another 10 minutes went by and they asked me again are you ready to go home?  I said "No, it still hurts badly."  I was given another pill.  About 10 more minutes went by and it was now almost 10:30am and I was asked again if I was ready to go home.  I said "how can I go home as I just had major surgery and I am in a large amount of pain?"  She went and got the third pill authorized and immediately within 10 minutes I felt much better. I could hear a man next to me in the next stall crying and asking over and over where was he and was his wife outside feeding the horses?  I felt bad for the guy.   I was asked to stay on the bed and get dressed with exactly what I had with n the bag.  I called out and said I am ready.  They had already contacted my mom, I was wheeled out in the wheelchair out into the parking garage where my mom had the car already running and ready to go.  I was given crutches and I had mentioned to them that I had never use them before. 

My mom brought me back to my house.  She helped get me out of the car and because I did not really know how to use crutches.  I fell straight on my face on my porch.   I got back up and went straight to the area of my living room that I prepped up for me to be camped out at.    I live in a 2 story condo, so the downstairs futon has been my hangout. 

Thank goodness I had all my bills pre-paid, refrigerator packed up and off work until  january 4, 2010.  I had so many detals all ready done ahead of time for this surgery.  Such as my cell phone charger, my laptop, books to read and anything from the upstairs that I would be needing for downstairs.   

Now on the pain, it comes and goes.  After three days I could hobble around downstairs on a light note without the crutches.  I was given hydrocodo for the pain.  I do have a couple concerns right now.  My first concern is I just changed the bandages for the first time today on the three surgical holes.   The far let ones were all closed up and no bleeding.  The third hole which is on the far right however, is bleeding.  So much so that I have to keep a compress over it and immediately had to get the bandage over it to stop the bleeding.  Should I be concerned that it is bleeding like this?  Is this normal?

My 2nd concern is the pain in the knee.  I have it elevated all the time on a pillow and I do the straight leg raises.  The knee is so achy and I almost can not unbend it.  I have trouble getting up and need stability but, once I am up it is not so bad, just very stiff and very achy.   When does the achy feeling get better?  I am going to try my best to get up the 13 stairs today and go take a shower.   This is the longest that I have never had a shower.   

Let me know if anyone has any comments on the bleedng surgical hole scar and on when this horrible achy feeling in the knee will get better where I can actually leave to go outside etc.  thank you for your time.         

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Re: A Journal of My Meniscus Tear Surgery
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2009, 02:11:19 PM »
I had a small lateral menuscis tear trimmed on october 23, as well as some other work on my knee.  the severe soreness lasted about 4 days (i took vicodin during this time), then it was pretty sore for another ten days or so.  I never had crutches, though, so your surgery may have been more involved (be careful with the crutches on stairs-- can you get someone to show you how to use them there?  there are some tips for safe stair crutching.  or just go up and down on your rump to be safe).  It is now four weeks later and I am still swollen but the soreness is abating except when i overdo it.  During the initial post-surgical recovery period, I found that icing, elevation and compression really helped with the swelling. For compression, I used the compression stocking that was put on during my surgery, just kept it on over my large bandage so it is snug, but not so tight that my feet swelled or the knee felt uncomfortable.

re: your bleeding. I was told that my portals (just two) might "seep" for the first couple of days.  But profuse bleeding sounds atypical. I'd suggest calling your doctor or help nurse.
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