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Author Topic: Bad knee pain since falling  (Read 644 times)

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Bad knee pain since falling
« on: October 24, 2009, 08:18:50 AM »
Ok guys heres the deal, I was walking in my yard when suddenly I stepped into a hole that my wounderful little jack russell terrier had dug.  It happened so fast Im not sure exactally what happened but I do know that I fell, and immediatley felt seering pain in my left knee.  It happened about 2 weeks ago and has affected my gait, and just about everything else. It felt a little better until yesterday when I picked up a heavy object and twisted to put the object onto a bed. MAN OMG it really hurts now.  Let me explain the pain...Ive never had anything like it and I have had lots of knee probs.  Pain on the lateral side, and behind my knee, down my calf and also my foot, cant bare weight very well because of the pain, cant sleep tonight, and this is after taking pain killers. Like I said never have I had pain like this and I had an OC impaction fx MFC in June, with a subsequent Uni done, this isnt that knee its my other one.  I was having pain in this knee prior to the fall however it was bareable. I was thinking that pain was coming from over use being as that I used that leg to compensate for the pain in my RK for about a year and a half.Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance KGs......................Later