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Author Topic: Advice PLZ ??? Torn Meniscus????  (Read 696 times)

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Advice PLZ ??? Torn Meniscus????
« on: October 25, 2009, 07:08:55 AM »
Hey, well as my previous post said, I fell in a hole outside that my dog had dug, about 5 wks ago.  Boy it hurt I rolled around on the ground moaning for a while after that one.  Well over time it seemed to improve.  I had been taking pain killers for it (I had them because I had a uni done on my RK in late June), this is my LK :'(.  Well Friday I picked up a wheelchair at work, and put it onto a bed in like a twisting motion.  OMG every since then it was immediate swelling, more pain and had to walk with a limp.  Its gotten progressivly worse, I am even having to use my cane to walk.  If I have my knee bent for and period of time and go to straighten it out, WOW, severe pain and it feels like its stuck for a minute then it goes on ahead and straightens. Same thing if its out straight for a while and go to bend it. What the heck????????  Could that be a torn meniscus?? I have pain like all over kinda like its in the muscles, but it esp hurts on the medial side.  I used the polorcare all day yest, that helped as long as I had it on, when it comes off the pain is rigjht back.  I start a new job on Wed, so all Im doing is ice, elevation, painkillers.  Im trying to stay off of it in hopes it wil improve, so far no go.  PLZ help me out here and tell me what u think. Thanks KGs.

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Re: Advice PLZ ??? Torn Meniscus????
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2009, 06:04:14 PM »
Well, it sounds to me like you've 2 issues. One, some ligament strain/sprain from the fall, since you've obviously got a lot of stiffness when you keep the leg straight or bent for long. Two, you've got catching/locking indicative of a possible meniscus tear. If you're not wearing some kind of brace/support, you probably oughta be, IMHO, at least so you don't wreck it more.

get yourself to the doc and get it looked at. it's not gonna get much better on it's own, especially if it hurts so bad you gotta hit the leftover rx painkillers, and since you describe "severe swelling" that alone points to at least one problem that is highly symptomatic and progressive. Don't damage it more, and ruin something they could've fixed, by waiting too long.
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