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Author Topic: Unusual pain, unusual method of injury, not getting much better...HELP!  (Read 660 times)

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This is my first post here.  I recently (10 days ago) had an incident that seems to have injured something in my knee, calf, or hamstring, but I can't find anything on the Internet that matches my symptoms, and the way that I injured it is uncommon, so I have no idea what to think is the problem.

I was doing Brazilian jiu jitsu (similar to wrestling, but the action that I was doing is only done in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or other related submission grappling arts), and I was using a "triangle choke" (I found a youtube link to something that is almost exactly what I did: ).  I did almost everything in that video (including switching the triangle from one side to the other), and when doing this, I was flexing all of the muscles in each leg, especially the calves and hamstrings.  The person who I was doing this with escaped the hold by posturing his back up and pressing forward.  At this point, I attempted to switch to a different technique, but when I extended my left leg, I felt a tight pop in the back of my knee (you can refer to the video for what my left leg was doing; I was doing everything on the same side as the person in that video).  This was not the usual kneecap pop that I sometimes hear/feel from my knee; this was deep inside the back of my knee and I don't think it made any audible sound (my partner did not hear anything and I don't remember hearing anything) but I could feel it very strongly.

After this happened, I immediately stopped and went to sit down for a few minutes.  I tested the leg with flexion and extension, and there was no pain or discomfort.  I was warned by a friend to go home and rest, because something could be wrong that I wouldn't feel until the next day.  It started to feel a little bit odd before bed, but it was so slight that I couldn't even tell if it was real or just in my head.  The next day I woke up and it did feel a bit off, but not extremely painful.  I could go up/down stairs without a lot of pain (I was careful when doing so just to make sure).  I was paranoid about it, but it didn't seem too bad.  There were two types of pain; one was a tingly, tender type of pain that would come and go throughout the day.  The other was a burning type of pain that would also come and go.  The burning type of pain would seem to be around the back of my knee down to my upper calf muscle, and was pretty mild.  This only lasted about one week and is either gone or almost gone right now.  The tingly, tender type of pain seems to be concentrated at different points at different times.  sometimes it is around the back of my knee (lateral side) going into my hamstring, but other times it seems to be mostly in my upper hamstring and buttocks (this usually happens when I am sitting, and is felt more towards my knee when I stand again).  This pain is still here, but it comes and goes throughout the day.  At some points, it feels like it is completely gone, but at other points, it is quite noticable.  I have tried almost every type of movement, but nothing seems to make tthis pain immediately worse.  Right now, there does seem to be slight tenderness when pressing hard on my lateral hamstring muscle (biceps femoralis?) around the tendon near my knee, but doing any hamstring movements doesn't cause any sudden or sharp pain.

I don't think that there is any instability in the knee, and I don't notice anything when I walk except that the leg feels pretty tight when I get up from sitting of laying down.  I have seen two doctors about this, but I didn't notice any of my hamstring symptoms well enough to describe them at the time.  The first doctor was at a clinic and I saw him mostly for a cold (I am in Taiwan, which has similar quality med care to the U.S. so a clinic doctor could be great or could be bad).  He did the ligament tests (pushed and pulled for tears of ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL) and told me that all of those were fine.  I also did not have any pain from those tests.  He gave me some muscle relaxers and told me that I should get gradually better in a few days or weeks.  The second doctor that I saw is my knee surgeon (He operated in the same knee for a torn medial meniscus last June and is supposed to be a VERY good knee expert).  From my description of the injury, he thinks that I am probably fine and just irritated a calf tendon around the back of my knee (I didn't describe any hamstring pain at that time).  He wasn't sure how to explain the pop though, and didn't seem to think much of it.  He said I should get better soon and I don't have to do anything special except refrain from squatting and jiu jitsu until it feels better.

My concern is mostly because I am not noticing any real improvement and I am getting concerned.  Usually a muscle injury starts off feeling worse than this feels, and feels better a little bit each day.  This started off not feeling too bad, but hasn't seemed to improve much over the past 10 days.  I am mostly worried about making whatever is wrong worse when I start doing Jiu Jitsu again.  I am mostly concerned about if this method of injury and these symptoms could mean that something happened to my ACL.  I have read a lot of horror stories about ACL stuff and I don't want to have to go through that surgery.  If something is wrong with my ACL, I don't think that it is severe now (the doctor who did the test on it said it wasn't torn), but it would be a nightmare if I aggrivated it later.  Do these symptoms suggest anything specific?  I am nervous and any help is VERY much appreciated!