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Author Topic: Pain in Strange Spot  (Read 1112 times)

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Pain in Strange Spot
« on: October 20, 2009, 01:06:56 AM »
Ok, I'm completely new here. I am almost 4 wks. post ACL reconstruction (allograft) and meniscus repair.  I have to say I never expected this surgery to be this intense.  I think I am doing pretty well--crutch free and back to work (teacher) on day 12.  I am having a lot of trouble with flexion--I can get to 100 degrees on the CPM, but bending it on my own is virtually impossible--I can just now tie my own shoe. I am supposed to return the CPM when I can let my knee hang at 90 deg. and I'm nowhere close to that.  I'm not supposed to begin PT, which I am dreading, for another 3 weeks.  My extension is pretty good.  I am locked in at 0 degrees anytime I am weight bearing or sleeping.  I can let leg hang or try to bend when sitting. Feels pretty sore and stiff.  I guess all that seems pretty normal as I read all the posts here.

My real concern is the pain BELOW my knee at the top of the tibia, in the middle.  I don't really understand this: the trauma, where they drilled the holes, is upper left and lower right (left knee), but it hurts in the MIDDLE.  It feels like someone took a huge hammer to just below my kneecap. The pain is a combination between external like a burn and internal like a bruise. Wearing the brace is VERY uncomfortable because of this spot.  Can anyone explain this?  Also--the skin there is peeling (in large sheets)--not where the scars are, but in the middle where it hurts.  Very strange!
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Re: Pain in Strange Spot
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2009, 04:03:21 AM »
I can't help you with the pain issue, but I can spread some light on the skin peeling in large sheets.  As it was explained to me it is the result of swelling.  Skin is very elastic and stretches with the swelling.  Once the swelling begins to subside the top layers of the skin (that have slightly dried out) don't shrink back as much.  Anyway, that's how it was explained to me.

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