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Author Topic: Dislocated Patella, awaiting surgery  (Read 743 times)

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Dislocated Patella, awaiting surgery
« on: October 20, 2009, 08:40:09 PM »
Hello, I'm new, but I've had a knee injury for the last 16 weeks (to the day!) I dislocated my L knee 30th June, spent 4 weeks in a rigid brace, had an MRI whilst in brace which showed a completey ruptured ACL , 2/3 ruptured MCL, damaged meniscum and damage to my femur. I  then spent 2 weeks trying conservative measures (on the consultant's advice) which failed - the knee was completely locked.
I had an athroscopy and had my ACL removed, scar tissue, cartilage and the damaged 2/3 of MCL removed. I was then 4 weeks in a hinged brace coupled with lots and lots of physio!!! The leg now has full rom but I can't do stairs or walk fast (forget running!).
I saw the consultant again today and he's decided on reconstruction of both my ACL and MCL (using both PCL and hamstring to replace them) It'll be in the next 8 weeks. What I need to know is has anyone had this surgery and what is the incidence of a good recovery?  I'm a really active person and am going stir-crazy with the time it's taking...any help or advice would be gratefully appreciated   ;)
Many thanks xxx