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Author Topic: Anterior Medial Knee Pain One Year Post TKR  (Read 665 times)

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Anterior Medial Knee Pain One Year Post TKR
« on: October 17, 2009, 04:11:57 AM »
As a newbie not sure where to post questions.  Have had both knees replaced one year ago and within six weeks my surgeon took another position out of state so..... over the past month I have experienced a very sharp pain in the Anterior Medial area of my left knee replacement.  The sharp pain is only present when I put weight on my knee (no pain while sitting or lying).  Not sure what it is, if anything; however, I am extremely worried about infection.  A very good friend had a very long running problem with infections in his replacement (to the point he is now wheelchair bound) -- would like to hear other TKR patients opinions!  Thanks!