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Author Topic: Patella dislocation-an oldie's lament!  (Read 710 times)

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Patella dislocation-an oldie's lament!
« on: October 06, 2009, 10:16:27 AM »

I am new here so apologies if Iím covering old ground or being unduly long winded!

Iíll outline my situation first.

I am 54 yr old F. Iíve had 5 patella dislocations since I was 16. The first two were sports related (which is ironic really as I'm not at all a sporty person!) and involved landing and twisting awkwardly. The third was again a wrenching movement and thankfully the patella didnít fully dislocate and popped back in. The last two times have involved fairly innocuous blows to the knee and the patella dislocated fully each time.
My knee is not so unstable that I am able to manipulate the joint myself to relocate the patella (which one set of paramedics seemed astonished I couldnít do!).
As everyone knows who has this condition itís traumatic and very painful and quite frankly I donít want it to happen again.

I was offered surgery in my late teens but I had just started university and there were other difficulties which meant it was not a good time to have an operation while I was so far away from home without any kind of support. The problem therefore lies dormant until the next time and it seems like a lottery when and where itís going to happen and whether the medics want to do anything about it or not.
The most recent event was three months ago when I must have knocked my knee while getting onto the bed at home. (it was that innocuous!)

 Iím going to see the os tomorrow and although the first one I saw seemed keen to operate when I went back and saw someone different he was very guarded about what they could do saying things like ďwe usually operate on much younger peopleĒ and ďthere a hundreds of different types of operation for this problem, none of them are full proof which is why they keep devising new onesĒ. Statements like this make me wonder whether they arenít keen on operating on an older person to correct a problem that only happens occasionally.

Is there anyone else who is in a similar situation ie an older person with a history of recurrent dislocations who has had an recent operation to correct this problem?...
Ö.and which of the ďhundredsĒ of operations would they be most likely to offer me and does any one know what the success rate is?

Many thanks

Lynn :)
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