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Author Topic: Injury below knee - advice wanted!  (Read 557 times)

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Injury below knee - advice wanted!
« on: October 05, 2009, 01:22:14 PM »
Hello everyone.

I have sustained an injury to my right knee and I thought this might be a good place to ask for advice (it's tricky for me to get to a doctor, and in my experience they are not great at dealing with this kind of problem anyway).

I have very limited anatomical knowledge unfortunately, so I will not be able to use the specialist terminology that you all so admirably have at your command! I hope you can bear with me.

After running (on a treadmill) a few days ago the area beneath my right kneecap swelled up quite significantly. I had been pushing it pretty hard (was feeling pissed off you see...) and I felt fine immediately afterwards, but within ~12 hours the swelling was very noticeable, and it was sore to touch. Beyond the swollen area, there is a wider area, extending about 3-4 inches down my shin, which is tender to the touch (a bit like shin splints, or a regular bruise). The swelling seems to be internal, as there is not much "give" between the skin and the bone when I press against it.

I have had minor knee injuries before that have made walking, running etc very painful - this is not actually the case this time. It feels like a soft tissue injury, as I can walk pretty much as normal, though bending the knee is painful. Kneeling hurts a lot, but that is because contact with the swollen area causes superficial pain. If I flex my toes upward (i.e. contract the muscle) it causes a fair amount of pain below my knee.

The internal structures feel ok. I wasn't in any actual discomfort while running, and I'm slightly alarmed by the extent of the injured area. For the record, I "lead" with my right foot when running, and I suspect my technique is not the greatest. I'm 6'2" and 210 pounds, so fairly heavily built, though not fat.

I have read a few diagnoses for varying types of knee injury, and a muscular haemotoma sounds like a plausible one. I am always rather nervous about any kind of swelling, and whilst I'm pretty certain that it's an injury I've inflicted on myself through over-exertion, I'd be reassured if anyone else has experienced the same kind of thing. Does my injury sound familiar to anyone?

Any comments will be gratefully received!