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Author Topic: Dislocation  (Read 610 times)

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« on: October 02, 2009, 08:54:30 PM »
Hi, I am just looking to find out an opinion really on what has been a huge problem for me over the last 4 months, 4 months ago I was walking when turning sideways my kneecap dislocated to the outside of my leg and I instantly hit the floor, being alone unable to get up with no phone I tried to get it back into place with after about 20 mins did, then crawled on my bottom to the phone and was taken by oh into A&E, by this time my knee was about three times its normal size. On arrival I was given a tube bandage and crutches and told to rest it for a few days. Few days later in incredible pain and unable to put my foot on the floor, sit, stand nothing. So went back and then was told I would be refered to a doctor at the hospital but we have no othopedic dr, and so went to see this man who pushed my knee around while I screamed a bit  ::) then said he would refer me to physio.... 6 weeks into having physio daily still not able to put any weight on the knee or bare anyone touching it the physio decided to take off the fluid to bring down the swelling, but the fluid was blood, four tubes of it was taken off. then back to daily physio. it has now been 4 months, I cannot bare for anyone to touch my knee, it feels like a nerve pain and even if the shower water touches it it sends me through the roof, I do physio every and still cannot put any weight or lift my knee on it's own, Ihave to lift it up with my hands. There is a part on my knee to the left of the knee cap that is so painful to even lightly touch like sticking a knife through my leg, and my knee cap just moves freely around.

Having to be off work and no longer getting sick pay, selling my horses and not had a night's sleep for 4 months I begged the physio to send me to a specialist but was told there just isn't one and to keep going with what I'm doing and it will get better! but I cannot bare it.

I have never had a xray or a scan and have no idea what I could have done but if I try standing my leg gives way backwards. It feels very heavy from the knee to the foot and often goes very cold. I cannot afford private no longer being in a job and having to give up my house even

Do you think I should just keep going with the physio even though each time I do excerise the pain becomes much worst but I have no idea how else to get help  :(