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Author Topic: Osteochondral Allograft and microfracture  (Read 2413 times)

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Osteochondral Allograft and microfracture
« on: October 03, 2009, 07:52:12 PM »
So I have developed really bad OA, grade 4, and have almost no meniscus left from previous surgery.  I had a scope done about a month ago, and the doc said my knee was shot. But due to my age (33) he does not think its a good idea to do a tkr, which I agree. So the plan is to do a Osteochondral Allograft on femur and a microfracture type procedure on the tibia. Once that heals, he will then go back in and do a meniscus transplant.
Has any one else had this type of procedure done? He told me that this is going to be an open knee surgery, and that its going to be a really big cut, so he can tend to all the damage, and that it would be a night in hospital.. He also said that it will be 3 months on crutches!! How do people deal with crutches for so long.....?
For those of you who have had the allograft, how long is the wait? Doc said anywhere from a month to 6+, and when the call comes in we have 21max to get surgery done.
What have i gotten myself into???haha  for those who did it, was it worth it? did it work?