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Author Topic: Freestyle Skiing after Microfracture Surgery  (Read 1272 times)

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Freestyle Skiing after Microfracture Surgery
« on: September 24, 2009, 05:50:55 PM »
Hey Guys,

I recently had a medial meniscus repair and microfracture surgery on my right knee on July 2. I spent 6 weeks on the CPM machine with no weight bearing which was a pain but did as much as I could to keep the leg strong. After 6 weeks I started walking again, cycling, swimming, and doing more intense therapy. My knee has been feeling a lot better I finished up with therapy and now I'm just go to the gym to do leg strengthening and am still cycling quite a bit. I'm 19, and my doc said that my age will work in my favor, along with my ligaments being all intact. However, I still feel some clicking in both knees, is this bad? I am guessing there is not much to do about it and its just from overuse because of the torque on the knees from lacrosse and skiing over the years.

My friends and I are really into freestyle skiing, we have been getting hockey rink snow and setting up rails in his backyard. My knee has felt fine doing the rails, I can do just as many tricks if not more than I could before the surgery, but I wanted to see if this was a bad idea to do at almost 3 months post-surgery. I was wondering if anyone on here had microfracture surgery and how they were getting back out onto the slopes? I am more specifically concerned with my knee being able to handle the impact of 30-60ft. jumps in the terrain park, so I am working hard to get it as strong as possible for this winter, but anyone who has insight on dealing with the microfracture surgery and coming back skiing would be great.