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Author Topic: Knee pain related to foot angle...  (Read 3737 times)

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Knee pain related to foot angle...
« on: September 23, 2009, 02:42:36 PM »
I injured my knee by landing a jump with it locked wakeboarding on july 22nd...I've seen two surgeons so far, one thinks my ACL it totally torn and I should get surgery, the other thinks it is only a partial ACL tear and I should avoid surgery if I'm stable (which I appear to be).

I have been thinking my knee is back to normal, but I just found two interesting cases of pain.

Knee is pain free, except when...
1.  It is my left knee and if I start with my knee bent at 90 and turn my foot outward (counterclockwise) and then straighten my leg, I get pain and can not straighten it as much as right leg.  If I turn my foot inward it feels normal and I get full extension.  The pain feels like it is on top outside of my knee cap across both upper and lower left leg...

2.  If I bend my knee as much as i can, same as other leg, there is no pain; however, if grab my heel and pull it to my butt there is pain on the outside  top of my knee, I would guess it is the LCL, but it seems too far up to be definitely isn't my ACL if anyone is thinking is kind of on the side on my knee cap and from acoss both upper and lower legs, same spot as first question...