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Author Topic: articular cartilage - supplements  (Read 5942 times)

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articular cartilage - supplements
« on: September 18, 2009, 10:40:17 PM »

An MRI done on my knee 12 months after a quads tendon rupture three years ago showed "little in the way of articular cartilage over the small medial facet of the patella".

Couldn't figure out what that means.

My knee always felt tight, feels crackly and grindy, but I can't feel it unless I put my hand on my knee. I think it's also getting a little better, because eight weeks of physiotherapy to massage I think the vastus lateralis and focus on strengthening the vastus medialis is really beginning to improve knee tracking. I can feel it.

But my physio, has now recommended I get some Gliucosamine Sulphate and some Marine Chondroitin. Nope, never heard of it til then. Did a little research and I bought them.

I've seen mixed reviews but Im going to try with an open mind.

Is this something that could potentially help?


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Re: articular cartilage - supplements
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2009, 10:58:46 PM »
Additionally, I have to ask, what caused this?

I fell down the stairs and ruptured my quadriceps tendon in April 2006. Successful repair, back to work, knee felt better than ever, and I fell over and did it again in July 2006.

X-Ray immediatley after supposedly shows no "degeneration", but the MRI in July 2007 shows problems with the articular cartilage.

Undergoing a personal injury claim, medical experts claim that the cartilage problems are due to wear and tear and nothing to do with the accident in July 2006. They say my issues (unable to stand up and hold my leg at a 90 degree angle without pain, walk down stairs properly, kick, kick the covers in bed etc), are nothing to do with strength and are all cartilage related.

My hospital says that my issues are all strength related.

My Physio found a very tight vastus lateralis and extremely weak vastus medialis.

This suggests to me the hospital was right, my problem is strength, but they were flawed in their execution of rehabilitation. After the first physio session working on the vastus lateraliis, I felt much much better.

Eight session on, I can kick, I can kick the covers in bed, I can squat under my own force, I can put force through my knee, but it's still feels grindy to touch. My physio suggests this is just tracking, and it certainly looks like that.

My gut feeling therefore also suggests to me, after the second accident, with a further three weeks in a cylinder cast, i lose even more muscle mass in my leg, completely stuff up the tracking of my knee cap, this causes the wear and tear which shows up 12 months later. Rather than focussed exercises, Im forcing weight through a maltracked joint down the gym. Im now left with damaged cartilage, but this doesn't seem to be causing my issues.

I will take the supplements as suggested, but Im still ratty as to the "expert" opinions.