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Author Topic: I'm hearing about a scar tissue band that forms after plica surgery  (Read 1682 times)

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Hey guys, just a background in case you didn't see my thread earlier this month...I had surgery back in mid-May of this year to remove my plica and some scar tissue from an injury. It's been a tough recovery this summer, with a bit of pain.

However, I had just passed the 3-month mark about a week ago and my knee was feeling pretty good. The symptoms before surgery were gone, and I'd say it was back to about 80% strength, with just a little pain. So I decided to return to the gym. This past week I did swimming, light jogging, and just tonight I was on the elliptical machine, where my problem started after about 10 minutes.

After tonight I'm in some pain again. It seems that I have pain shooting horizontally across my knee, slightly under the kneecap. Also, on the outside of my knee there is a slight popping when I flex it. Incidentally, this is in almost the same spot that was popping before the surgery, only not as severe. 

Is this pain I'm feeling the scar tissue band? It used to hurt in the same spot (horizontally across the knee) for the first two months after surgery, then went away. Does exercising irritate this? Or do you guys think I have another problem?
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Re: I'm hearing about a scar tissue band that forms after plica surgery
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2009, 04:22:04 PM »
I had plica excision 2 years ago and occasionally i get a yucky feeling sweeps horizontally across my knee too. It kind of goes across the top half of my patella. It isn't painful, but it does feel wierd. Occasionally i'll also feel a bad just medial to my patella. Again, no pain, just yucky feeling. I also get a popping in my quad above my patella, more in the muscle or maybe the quad tendon, then in the knee itself. also no pain, just odd. i never thought anything of it since it doesn't hurt.

not sure if i'm being very helpful, but just letting you know i too feel that sensation from time to time, but yours sounds a little more serious than me because mine has never hurt.
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Re: I'm hearing about a scar tissue band that forms after plica surgery
« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2009, 05:47:37 AM »
I had my Plica surgery a year ago (July 8 2008) and it went VERY smoothly. The surgery was on a Tuesday, by Saturday I was walking with no crutches, and by the next Saturday I was going to 6 Flags and a Braves game. I was still limping a bit, but with no pain. About a week later i didn't limp anymore and things were going smoothly. Around January I would get that same horizontal pain under my knee cap, but with no popping. It usually happens when I am just standing up and not doing anything, but it is quite painful and I can't put any weight on it. It has happened a few times since then, but nothing that i was going to contact my doctor about, but tonight, the pain seemed worse. I put an ace wrap on it that didn't help one bit. It almost feels as if there is something under my knee cap that just needs to be moved out of the way (scar tissue?). I plan on calling my Doctor tomorrow and seeing if I can make an appointment and schedule physical therapy. This is VERY annoying, but I am...glad? know that other people are feeling the same things...