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Author Topic: new to board and sharing info about my injury  (Read 848 times)

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new to board and sharing info about my injury
« on: August 29, 2009, 01:55:48 AM »
Hi everyone,
 I've been reading "Broken Leg" and "Kneeguru" since May of last yr when I fell off a ladder at work and broke my leg. I can't express the gratutude I feel for all of you out there who share your stories. You've helped me more than you can imagine. Thank You!!
 I thought I should share the details so that if anyone has any suggestions or help in any way, or if someone can explain it in better detail; what I can expect long term, second opinions, etc;  they can pass it this way.

 The Dr report : Preoperative diagnosis  Bicondyler right tibial plateau fracture. The lateral fragment included the tibial tuberosity and the attatchment of the patellar ligament. Xray shows a bicondylar tibial plateau fracture with the lateral plateau displaced and the lateral femoral condyle within the gap of the displaced fracture. Also showing a coronal split through the medial plateau with displacement and depressed joint fragments, primarily in the intercondylar region. I have indicated this is a very serious injury, with many challenges to repair. Potential for numbness and muscle problems, and predict that she will have some permanent loss of motion in the knee. I'm concerned with the disruption of the joint surface causing degenerative arthritis.
 There were 2 plates and 23 screws used. I've had 3 surgeries including a scope to remove scar tissue so the knee could bend further. I was non weight beariing for 4 months with no excercise.